“Nestcup” Bluebirds Greeting Card



  • Blank Inside
  • Forest Stewardship Council certified card stock
  • 5″ x 7″ greeting card with white envelope
  • 100% of profits fund Ripples conservation projects
  • printed ethically and sustainably in Minnesota, USA with SmartPress
  • drawn with mixed media in Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Tea & Tidings

This design is part of a collection called “Tea & Tidings,” a series of cards featuring tea imagery combined with desserts, small animals, and seasonal settings, sometimes in humorous juxtapositions or with puns: Gingerbirdhouse, Cornucupia, Teacupcake… Each design has a written piece on the back side that accompanies the artwork on the front. I hope your “cup runneth over” with comfort, joy, and love, but also bunnies, cupcakes, rainbows, butterflies and bird’s eggs, depending on the design!


I once had tea up in a tree
among the branches wide,
but lost the teacup (clumsy me!)
which housed a spring surprise.

Bluebirds made a nest of hay,
and laid five little eggs
They hatched their brood in May,
and how their young did beg!

The parents endured pecks and poo
and taught their chicks to fly.
It reminded me of all you do
to teach us kids to try.

I watched the bluebirds fly away,
then climbed back down the tree
and sent this card to say:
thanks for hatching me!

Dedicated to Len White, who got me started with bluebird nest boxes.

©2022 Amanda Bancroft

SmartPress Printing

Ripples Greeting Cards are printed in Minnesota by employee-owned, carbon neutral print company SmartPress. Their quality printing is exceeded only by their ethics. “At Smartpress, we believe in making positive change by carefully sourcing the material we print on, continually integrating environmentally-conscious practices, and supporting our employees and local community.” Learn more.

Eco Clearbags Compostable Sleeves

If you bought one of our cards in a brick and mortar store, it came in a protective clear sleeve made of plant-based polylactic acid (PLA) and is certified compostable and food safe (Eco Clearbags). In Northwest Arkansas where Ripples Greeting Cards are designed, you can compost these “bio plastic” sleeves through Food Loops in Rogers or drop off the sleeves at Ozark Natural Foods Co-op in Fayetteville where they will be sent to Food Loops for composting. This may not be available in your area, but you might find a commercial composting facility near you.